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Guildmaster 300px"TB&A brought the design ability to 'think outside the box' that made the project so much more than we imagined. We are immensely pleased with the final outcome. Our repeated comment to friends and neighbors is that the money spent on the design phase was the best money we have ever invested in our home."

"The people involved seemed to take joy and pride in doing beautiful work. It sounds a bit hokey but I think that attitude made the whole job go very smoothly from our point of view. You can put up with a lot of inconvenience when you know people care."

"You met and exceeded our expectations! The master bedroom design was exciting yet in keeping with the integrity of our home. Much attention was paid to detail. The input on tile design and coming with me to the showroom made for a positive and fun experience."

"The big selling point was working with TB&A from start to finish."

"Although TB&A's quote was higher than other contractors, we felt that their reputation, superior communication and quality construction was unrivaled and worth the investment."

"We liked the way Thomas was willing to take the time to work with us to make the project "perfect." He was always willing to discuss new options and to include details important to Janet. He also brought ideas to the table that we had not thought of."

"We chose Tom because we knew it would be a positive experience, and it was. Tom cared about what we wanted and listened to our desires. All of the other contractors wanted to do everything their way."

"Your workmen are skilled and, equally important, very easy to have around. It was an addition to our quality of life to get to know them."

"The uniqueness of working with you was the personal touch, the extra time you took to walk me through items or to help me research lighting options, for example. I always felt like the attention my home received was no less than if you were building it for yourself."

"You've fixed problems ever after the job was finished at no charge—incredible!

"You can't buy a Cadillac at the Hyundai car lot."

"To your future clients I would advise to look at the big picture, not get hung up on cost or schedules or experience. One should also consider integrity, ability to communicate, attitude toward the crew, old-fashioned manners. The final choice should be made as much with your emotional reactions as your intellectual reaction."

"In two bids, TB&A's were a little higher, but included many hiddens—re-insulating all areas versus only the new walls, re-plastering all of the walls versus only the new ones, etc."

"Both projects were amazingly painless."