remodeling tips to update your kitchenYour kitchen is the heart of your home, but as it is, it may also a pain in your neck. Remodeling is an excellent way to create your dream kitchen in the home you already love. If you’re not sure how to get started, here are five remodeling tips to update your kitchen.


Your appliances serve both a practical and an aesthetic role in your kitchen. Old, dingy appliances instantly date your kitchen, and they probably don’t work as well as they once did. For these reasons, updated appliances are pretty much a must-have for any kitchen remodel. Energy-efficient and stainless steel appliances are attractive to prospective buyers, potentially giving an added boost to your home value. If you’re going for a high-end look, consider custom-paneled appliances to match your cabinetry.



If you’re ready to ditch your old laminate countertops, consider a stone surface like granite, quartz, or marble. Updating your countertops to gorgeous, durable surfaces like these can add both market value and functionality to your kitchen. Your builder can help you choose a surface that fits your needs and your home as well as configure your kitchen’s layout to maximize the amount of counter space you have to work with.



When selecting cabinetry, keep in mind that scalloped edges and ornate trim tend to collect dust and weigh down your kitchen’s design. Go for clean lines that can go well with any style. If you’re entirely replacing your cabinets, look for creative storage solutions like corner units or pull-out drawers. A well-designed kitchen will be easy to use and pleasing to look at. Work with your design team to create a layout that maximizes your cabinet space (because there’s no such thing as too much storage).



Another way to upgrade your kitchen’s appearance and function is through enhanced lighting. Ideally, you’ll want to include three different types of lighting, each of which will help to elevate your kitchen design in a distinct way.



This is the main source of light in a room. Create ambient light with a single main light fixture or series of fixtures like recessed lights.



Accent lighting can be a fun way to add color or texture to your room. Try adding pendant lights or wall sconces to create dimension in your kitchen’s design.



Task-oriented lighting is especially important in the kitchen. Try under-cabinet lights to make prep time a breeze!



Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Your kitchen can be as unique as you are. Express your style with bonus features like these:



Add visual interest to your kitchen design in with an eye-catching backsplash, distinctive flooring, or bold accent wall color.



The more storage, the better! Consult your design team for different storage ideas. A pantry and a kitchen island, are great places to start.



Select gadgets that fit your lifestyle. Add some fun with a pizza oven, wine chiller, or coffee bar. After you’re done, you might have a hard time getting people to leave!


Taking on a remodel can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone! For three decades, Thomas Buckborough and Associates have provided Boston-area homeowners with a superior remodeling experience. Our team of highly trained design-build professionals can help you develop a kitchen design that restores your home to dream-level status. Book your appointment today!