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Your home is very personal to you, so you don’t want just anyone working on it. When it comes to choosing a remodeling company, it can be challenging to even know where to begin. You not only have to be concerned about a company’s performance and craftsmanship but also the personality and disposition of its team members. If you’re struggling in the search for a remodeling company, check out these tips for finding the best one for your project.



First and foremost, educate yourself about the basics of your project. In a practical sense, this will help you articulate your vision to a builder, but even before planning begins, knowledge will be your ally. Homeowners who are not prudent and well informed are often taken advantage of by untrustworthy individuals or companies. To protect yourself, do a little research so you have at least a basic understanding of what will be required for your project, an average price range for projects in your area, and even common mistakes homeowners make during a remodeling project.



Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations on remodeling companies in your area. Referrals are one of the best ways to find trustworthy companies because you’re getting firsthand information about what the contractor is like. If someone refers a company to you, try to get a general feel for their experience. If it’s appropriate, you could even ask to see the areas the company remodeled. Keep in mind that taste and style can change from project to project, but the quality of work is evident across projects. Once you’ve obtained a few recommendations, it’s time to do a little research.



In this day and age, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a thorough understanding of a company before you even meet a representative in person. Go online and research the recommended companies and even other remodeling companies in your area. Pay attention to third-party reviews and the company’s overall web presence. If they have a website (which they most definitely should) look through it. Here, you can glean even more helpful information like how long they’ve been in business, vendors they work with, and previous projects they’ve completed. Make a short list of your favorite companies based on the referrals you’ve collected and the research you’ve done.



After you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to start interviewing candidates. With a remodeling project, of course, skill, craftsmanship, and technical knowledge are all incredibly important. But, given that this team will also be working inside your home—and personal space—personality, disposition, and demeanor should also weigh heavily in your decision. Ideally, the company you choose will have a well-rounded team that is polite, hardworking, responsible, and efficient. During the interview, you’ll want to ask about the credentials, experience, and skill set of the individuals who will be working on your home. Find out if they’ve worked on homes that are similar homes to yours, and ask to see their portfolio. If you’re interested in working with the company, you can request that they send you a bid for your project.



Once you’ve completed the interview, you’ll want to look through your top candidates’ portfolios. This will help you narrow down your candidates to your final one or two options. Builders will have somewhat of a consistent style throughout their projects, but the personality and design choices of the homeowners should also be reflected. Take notice of any projects you are drawn to, especially if they are in the same areas of the home you’ll be remodeling.



Though you shouldn’t choose a remodeling company based solely on price, the bids you’ve obtained from potential candidates can help you determine what company is best for your project. It may be that the bids you receive actually help you revise your expectations to a more reasonable budget. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better. Lower quotes often indicate the builder will cut corners by sourcing low-grade materials or skimping on what is actually included in your quote. If you have questions about a bid, reach out to the remodeling company. The more you know about what the bid entails, including a projected timeline, the more informed you’ll be when it’s time to make a decision.



If you haven’t yet decided on a remodeling company, it’s time to go to the drawing board. Create a list of pros and cons for each of your candidates, and include other members of your household in the discussion. When it’s time to select your remodeling company, always trust your gut. If you don’t have peace of mind at the beginning of the project, you certainly won’t have it in the weeks ahead. Don’t hire someone unless you’d trust them with your house keys because, well, that’s just what you’ll need to do.


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