Your master bedroom should be a focal point in your home. If you don’t feel that way about your current master bedroom, undergoing a master bedroom remodel might be the perfect solution.

Of all the bedrooms in the house, the master bedroom is by far the most prestigious. It’s a place of escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle and can be a sanctuary for a homeowner.

To assist in your master bedroom remodel, here are 11 master bedroom remodel ideas. Some of these ideas will be DIY friendly, and others might need a contractor’s touch to reshape the space fully.

Master Bedroom Remodels That Pay Off

Many homeowners add-on to their master bedroom because they need a change and want to create a more comfortable environment in their home.

It’s also important that your bedroom remodel pays off in the future in terms of resale value. Spending a significant amount of money on a big project and not getting any of the money back when you go to sell your home can be a big disappointment. Any time you add to your home, you should be able to get some of that investment back.

To ensure you get the ROI you expect on a remodeling project, be careful not to overbuild within your neighborhood.

Some homes built beyond the value of neighboring homes will be harder to sell or can possibly hit a market cap. Before undergoing a large remodeling project, be sure to have your home appraised. You’ll need to know if it’s worth adding on to or renovating. Most times, your contractor or a realtor can help you with this process.

Here are 11 bedroom remodel ideas for your home!

1 Transforming a Bedroom into a Master Suite

A master suite is even better than a master bedroom. The perfect master suite incorporates a number of the below ideas, including luxury bedding, a seating area, a large walk-in closet, a beautiful spa-like bathroom, and more.

If you’re looking to go all out, then a master suite is the right choice for you.

2 Improved Mood with New Lighting

master bedroom remodel - improved lighting.

Mood lighting is a great feature to add to your master bedroom remodel. Whether it’s installing dimmers so that you can set the mood, or adding a chandelier or light fixture over your bed. Lighting can be a relatively quick way to add a new feel to your bedroom.

3 New Flooring

In any remodeling project, flooring is a popular thing to change. Instead of installing carpet again, consider hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are a great addition to any room, but they can add an extra amount of elegance to a master bedroom.

4 Character and Decor Changes

master bedroom decor changes.

Adding character and decor, such as a new bed frame, house plants, rugs, etc., allows you to create a new bedroom design without fully remodeling. For some, remodeling either doesn’t make sense for the house they’re in or they don’t have the money. Doing fun things with decor is a great way to mix it up and add to the space.

5 New Bedroom Paint Colors

Along the same vein of decor is changing up the paint colors. New colors breathe fresh life into a space without spending a fortune. Look into recent trends and see what interests you or what you think would match the decor you’re using.

6 Built-in Drawers, Shelves, or Dresser

Adding built-in shelving, dressers, and drawers not only saves space but also makes for a gorgeous room. Not many people can say they don’t like the idea of a built-in shelving unit. You can use it for books, decor, clothes, knickknacks, or whatever else you think would utilize the space well.

7 Add a Seating Area

Master bedroom seating area.

A bedroom with a seating area becomes an escape from the business of the rest of the house. It’s a place where you can rest, read, and reflect on your day. This seating area could come in the form of a simple corner chair, a sofa, or a recliner. Choose what makes you feel most comfortable and at home.

8 Create a Cozy Reading Area

Like a seating area, a reading area offers plenty of opportunities for getting away from the craziness of life. A great way to do this with a remodel is by adding a reading nook in a window. These types of nooks are gorgeous and add to the ambiance of a room.

9 Add a Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets allow you to keep all of your personal clothing and items that you don’t want in your bedroom tucked away. Not only do they help you keep everything organized, but they also help your bedroom always feel clean and neat.

10 Master Bathroom Remodel

Master bathroom for a custom home remodel.

A master bathroom can be simple with a toilet, a tub, and a shower. Or, it can feel like your own personal spa. If you have the space in your home, consider adding a walk-in shower with rain heads that come from the ceiling. Maybe you’d like a jacuzzi tub. If you’re doing a bedroom and bathroom remodel, then the possibilities are endless.

11 Master Bedroom Balcony

This one is special because it might not fit every house. But, if it fits your house, then you’ve got something a lot of people would love. A balcony that attaches to your master bedroom will not only be higher off the ground than any other deck, but it will offer a great place to sit and enjoy the long summer evenings that we just can’t get enough of.

If you’re looking for a master bedroom remodel, then we’d love to help you out! Contact Thomas Buckbourough & Associates to get started on the master bedroom or bathroom for your home. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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