I’ve seen the term “Super Kitchens” bandied about in design articles recently and at first it makes one think about uber-fancy kitchen designs that you only see in architecture magazines.

However, that’s not really what the term is referring to. It really refers to a much more homegrown kind of trend that refers to how kitchens are being used by people these days.

For decades, kitchens in new homes have been “open” in concept; typically no wall between a family room, a dining room or both. But often the kitchens themselves still don’t reflect how well people use their kitchens. They remain hallways and circulation space; they lack social areas; they have pinch points. Nearly every home I go to visit, the homeowners talk about issues that present themselves when family and friends inevitably gather in the kitchen.

In an effort to define qualities various super kitchens have, we whipped up this useful infographic:

super kitchen definition

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