This project involved significant rearrangement of the layout in this classic 1939 brick colonial including moving the kitchen to a new central location in the home. An existing single story addition was torn down and a new one built in the same foot print adding approx. 275 square feet of new space to the 2nd floor allowing for a new master bath and closet section and bringing the laundry up to the 2nd floor from the first.

The original problem to solve was how to open up the kitchen so that it related to the other living spaces in the home better as well as getting a new master bathroom. The new floor plan transforms this 1939 brick colonial in a big way, creating connected living spaces that relate to each other and reflect a modern lifestyle.

The old layout had a block of utility spaces in the center of the house with all of the living spaces spread out around that block, so none of the spaces related to each other and acted as satellite rooms. With the use of a long span steel beam the original house was opened up to the new rebuilt wing on the first floor creating a large central space that the kitchen was moved to and family room space was adjacent to. Off of that are the formal dining room, living room and outdoor space easily access and seen through new enlarged openings.

– On the 2nd floor a new master bath and closet section, a new guest room, bath and laundry room were created.
– Some construction items much attention was paid to:
Following the RRP rules
Upgrading insulation and air sealing details throughout the house including a major retrofit to the entire main house attic
Use of recycled rubber slate look alike shingles to blend with the main houses original slate roof
Copper gutters, down spouts, valleys and snow/ice belts
Make up air system for high end range exhaust

The vision to transform a home into a lovely and comfortable modern living space and then get the clients excited about it and have them follow through is award worthy in itself. In addition, the blending of new finishes and creating details to work and look seamless in a 75 year old colonial takes skill in design, construction and management.