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Thomas B., July 21, 2021

Carpet vs. Hardwood: A Direct Comparison For Homeowners (Pros & Cons)

It’s the age-old battle of carpet vs. hardwoods. No one ever knows what they want to have in…

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Thomas B., July 7, 2021

Antique House Plans: Historic Home Design (2021 Guide)

Over the years, home design has changed and evolved. Things that were popular in the 20s, 30s, and…

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Thomas B., June 28, 2021

8 Best Restaurants in Acton, MA (Foodie Guide)

Are you looking for some of the best restaurants in Acton, MA? We’ve got you covered in this…

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Thomas B., May 25, 2021

Housewarming Party Ideas For Showing Off Your Next Remodel!

If you recently had your home remodeled, then you’re probably going to want to throw a housewarming party…

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Thomas B., May 17, 2021

Virtual Home Remodel: See Your New Remodel Without Gutting The Place

Today’s technology has made remodeling your home so much easier. There are hundreds of ways that you can…

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Thomas B., April 28, 2021

Renovate or Move: Is Your Home Beyond Saving?

Deciding whether it makes sense to renovate your older home or move into a new one can be…

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Thomas B., April 21, 2021

Design-Build Contract Breakdown: Homeowners Need To Know This

If you’ve been considering a design-build contract and are still unsure of what that means or what it…

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Thomas B., April 15, 2021

34 Must-Have Remodeling Tools To Get Before Starting A Home Remodel

It’s essential that you have all the tools before you begin to undergo any major remodel project. Especially…

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Thomas B., April 8, 2021

Shower Remodel Ideas & Pictures For Your Inspiration

Have you been looking for inspiration for your next bathroom remodel project? We’re here to help! In today’s…

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