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What is the Thomas Buckborough & Associates Client Experience?

The TB&A client experience is a pleasurable, enjoyable, productive, professional, low-stress remodeling experience that results in the increased functionality, style and beauty you dreamed of for your home. We are far more than a design firm or a general contractor, we provide a complete full service remodeling experience following through from initial budgeting to final touch-ups!

Why is it important to focus so much on the design phase of the remodeling project?

While most of the cost of a remodeling project is on the construction side of the project, the functionality, beauty and enjoyment of the space comes from the design. The cost of building a poorly designed space as opposed to building a well designed space is often the same. By starting with remodeling design and following up with design management in conjunction with general contracting throughout the project, we assure that you will get the most value and enjoyment possible from your remodeling investment.

What is the value of using a design/build remodeler over using an architect and a separate builder?

The design/build remodeling approach, in which the remodeling firm also provides the design services, typically simplifies the process of doing a remodeling project. Instead of dealing with several companies (I.e. architect, designer, kitchen designer, contractor, showrooms, and sub contractors), you deal with one. If there is an issue or problem, you know whom to call and you don’t have to worry about any finger pointing. You also don’t have to worry about your costs coming in much higher than you expected, because the design/build approach generally brings your budget into the design process so that what is designed can be built within your budget.

As a designer and a builder, the design/build firm is very aware of what things cost so they can advise you during the design process if what you are looking for will cost more money than you wanted to spend. While most remodeling architects are primarily concerned with aesthetics we also consider long term durability and installation costs.

What is the value of using TB&A over a traditional remodeling contractor?

A high level of design from both a functionality perspective as well as an artistic and aesthetic perspective.

TB&A believes you should not have to sacrifice design for the simplicity of going with a design/build approach. TB&A understands the importance of design to the long-term functionality and enjoyment of a remodeling project. Therefore, TB&A provides you the high level of design services you find at some of the best residential architectural firms along with the highest level of construction quality and customer service you can find at the best design/build firms.

You end up with a project that provides you with all the benefits and style of using an architect, with the simplicity and value of using a quality design/build remodeling contractor.

Why does TB&A have so many articles published in consumer and industry publications?

TB&A has been recognized by consumer publications and the industry press as one of the leading firms in the industry. TB&A has provided industry publications with articles and stories about the business and important issues in remodeling, design and architecture. We have also had articles about remodeling by our staff printed in consumer publications that felt our ideas were of value to their readers.

Is it true that Thomas Buckborough & Associates’ president is also a gourmet chef and wine connoisseur?

Yes, and he even has the hat to prove it!