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Initial Client Meeting

(No investment)

  1. Discuss process, company capabilities and approach
  2. Define primary ideal job scope
  3. Follow up:
    1. ballpark estimate for single above defined project


Concept Design & Feasibility Study

($2,000 to $3,500)

  1. Design
    1. Gather information on needs from homeowners
    2. Measure and document existing home
    3. Code and zoning research
    4. Explore options for Design solutions
    5. Present design solutions
      1. Floor plans and 3D concept; multiple solutions if appropriate
  2. Feasibility Study
    1. Flesh out and document Scope of Work for final concept, verbally developed to date.
    2. Assemble cost estimate that TB&A guarantee’s to within 10%. Cost estimate is all inclusive of: 1) architectural design fees, 2) materials and product selections process, 3) construction investment. Cost estimate will be prepared using historic data, square foot calculations and industry expertise
    3. Present “Design and Pre-construction Services” Agreement, schedule forecast.


Design and Pre-Construction Services

(5% of total investment estimate from feasibility Study Included in final construction cost)

  1. You agree to move forward with us through the complete design and construction process at this point as long as we are within 10% of our estimate)
    1. Explore any other design options or “menu” items you’re interested
    2. Flesh out single concept with details
    3. Materials and product selections and specification process
    4. Prepare Construction drawings for permitting, building, sub-contract quoting
    5. Review project with trade and vendor partners for pricing quotes on all aspects of the project including “Menu” items
    6. Consult with any outside consultants required, such as survey or structural engineering
    7. Present final fixed price Construction Proposal and Menu



(No more than 10% variance from Feasibility study, for the same scope of work and design concept)

  1. Sign Construction Contract, order materials requiring lead time, apply for building permit
  2. Conduct Pre-construction Conference
  3. Jobsite set up: surface protection, dust control, safety elements, assemble tools and materials
  4. Begin project
  5. Work through day to day job site needs
  6. Weekly meeting with Design/Office representative and Lead Carpenter/Project Manager
  7. Job Close out, review,