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Sudbury isn’t just a beautiful east coast city. It’s also full of history, life, and home to many historical events. One of the fun things about living on the east coast is that you can enjoy all of the rich history the area offers. Today we’ll be breaking some of the history of Sudbury down in a brief timeline that will leave you falling even more in love with the city.

Wayside Inn Grist Mill, Sudbury, Massachusetts

1639: The City is Founded

The very first settlement of Sudbury started in 1638, and by the time it was incorporated in 1639, there were roughly 130 people living permanently in the area. That’s a pretty good size group given the time period in relation to the founding of the United States. Sudbury’s original town was the 9th permanently established settlement in this New World.

When the city was incorporated, there weren’t many known Native Americans living and using the area that was then Sudbury. Throughout the 1500 and 1600s, fur traders, explorers, and other English adventures spread disease and epidemics to the Native People. These diseases wiped out hundreds of thousands from the area with no chance for their immune systems because of never coming in contact with many of the deadly viruses.

1643: The First Church/Meeting Space was Built

As the settlers worked and developed the new city, they built the first meeting space in 1643. It was a huge accomplishment for their new city and served them well for many years. The structure was located on what would now be the North Cemetery in Wayland. Today you can find a historical marker near the road that reads “the first town center.”

1675-76: King Philip’s War and “The Sudbury Fight”

In June of 1675, an alliance with Native Americans was broken. The Native Americans that were part of the alliance decided that they wanted nothing to do with the New England settlers. They were finished sharing their land and didn’t want to be disturbed any longer. What broke out next was their attempt at killing or removing all of the settlers from the cities and lands they had developed and built.

The Native American tribes lost the war, which led to a further decrease in their numbers and poor treatment from the English settlers that lived in the area. It’s said that between both natives and new settlers, more than 20x people per capita were killed when compared to the Civil War. It was a truly devastating war.

1776: Sudbury and the Revolutionary War

The men of Sudbury fought hard during the Revolution to make the United States a free union. Their marks were left all over the war as they gave everything they had serving as minutemen and militia.

1780: Wayland Split Off

The size of Sudbury was originally much greater than any other city in Massachusetts, with a fast-growing community and well-maintained resources. In 1650 the city was nearly 40 square miles large, and today it’s just a bit more than 26. In 1780 the largest subtraction of land was made when today’s Wayland split off and formed its own town. Originally that new town was known as East Sudbury, but today we know it as Wayland.

first parish in wayland massachusetts

Source: Wikipedia.com

Present Day

There is a large gap in time from 1780 to today. The majority of events were political in nature, with many different zoning commissions and residents throughout the area deciding what parts of the city would stay and what would go. But, one thing to remember and take note of is that in just the last 60 years, the population of Sudbury has grown 10x. That massive amount of growth has led to several expansions in housing development. Companies have sprung up to help with the growth, and new city councils have laid out boundaries that help manage the new city of today.

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