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Many of us are starting to notice the shortcomings of our homes as we spend so much more time in them. While you find things you don’t like about your home, you can change them by learning how to plan a remodel.

At the same time, you are likely wondering how you could possibly plan a remodeling project when things are like they are in the world? Here are some ideas:

  • Find out what inspires you on sites like HOUZZ or Pinterest.
  • Schedule a virtual consultation using a ZOOM conference with Thomas Buckborough to find out how TB&A can have your project ready to go when social distancing is loosened.
  • Measure the space you want to remodel or invite Thomas to come measure while you’re in another part of the house.
  • Take photographs of the parts of your house you want to change or have Thomas take pictures when he’s measuring.
  • Schedule Virtual design reviews on ZOOM where Thomas will use his powerful 3D design software on his shared screen to show you how your house can look and function after remodeling. Discuss budget and scope of work and zero in on the best combination that works for you.
  • Work with Thomas on Selections. Use the many places online for the building industry to make selections. Sites like build.com allow you to search and save possible products and share them with fellow project collaborators.
  • Thomas can collect recommended samples and drop them at your house for discussion on a ZOOM design review conference.

As you can see, much about the remodeling planning process can be accomplished while maintaining social distancing and keeping you and your family safe.

Give Thomas a call today to begin the design and planning for your remodeling project.

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