If you’re renovating your kitchen, you are likely learning that there are way more decisions that need to be made than you originally thought. Things that you never thought to consider, such as light switches, trim boards, and countertop edges.

Countertop edges? Yup, you heard us right. When it comes to designing a new kitchen workspace, it’s not enough to choose a countertop material. You also have to choose how you would like it to be cut!

If you’re suffering from decision fatigue, we are here to help you. We’ll be breaking down the different countertop edge styles in a simple, easy-to-understand way so that you can find the one that works best for you.

What Is a Countertop Edge?

If you’re off in the corner, raising your hand and wondering what exactly we mean by “countertop edge styles,” you certainly aren’t alone. Most people don’t know that they have choices when it comes to their countertop edges, much less that there are many different styles.

A countertop edge is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It refers to the edge of your countertop (the ones that are closest to you, not the ones touching the wall).

These edges can be cut and molded in such a way that evokes different styles. While it may seem like an inconsequential detail, you’ll be surprised at how much this can change the overall feel and look of a room.

10 Countertop Edge Styles

Curious about what kind of countertop edges are available to you? Would you believe it if we told you there were 10 different types? Yep, that’s right! Here is everything you need to know about the different styles of countertop edges.

1) Straight Edge

straight edge counter style in kitchen remodel

We’ll keep it simple to start. Straight edges are common countertop edges that are pretty much exactly what they sound like. A straight edge is cut at a simple, 90-degree angle. This is a simple choice that works really well for clean, modern kitchens.

2) Bullnose Edge

A bullnose edge has a rounded edge, like the shape of a half circle. It is used primarily in stone countertops. While it was fairly popular a few years ago, you don’t see it quite as often these days. Personally, we think a bullnose edge is a great choice for a family home, particularly those with young children, as they don’t need to be babyproofed.

3) Half Bullnose Edge

Do you like the idea of a bullnose edge but aren’t quite willing to commit? Half bullnose edges might be the right choice for you! Unlike full bullnose edges, this style is not fully rounded. Instead, the rounded edge is slightly squared, which gives your countertops a much more versatile look to them.

4) Eased Edge

If you have a smaller, galley-style kitchen, you may want to consider eased-edge kitchen countertops. At first glance, an eased edge may look similar to straight edge styles, with the flat sides. However, unlike straight-edge kitchen countertops, the edges are rounded. This allows you to have a clean, unfussy look while keeping walking spaces safe and accessible.

5) Cove Edges

If you want a kitchen style that screams “classic elegance,” cove edges are a great pick. Cove edges are fully rounded, with a gorgeous, sloping concave. It’s the perfect subtle touch to help elevate any space.

6) Beveled Edge

A beveled edge is the modern cousin of the bullnose edge. A beveled edge typically just has a small 45-degree slice taken off the edge and is available in both classic and small sizes. This is a hugely popular choice, as the beveled edges offer a little more detailing than your average style. This helps elevate your kitchen countertops while still allowing the space to look simple and refined.

7) Ogee Edge

An Ogee edge is another elegant style, perfect for high-end kitchens. This design features a deeply curved shape that some say looks like an S when viewed from the side (we say it looks like the perfect sledding hill). We love how luxurious this style looks in all kitchens.

8) Square Edge

A square edge isn’t really any different from a straight edge countertop, but we thought it was important to include both terms on this list, as they tend to be used interchangeably!

9) Mitered Edge

countertops with mitered edge style at 45 degree angle

If you are looking for the ultimate in modern kitchen design, you can’t go wrong with a mitered edge countertop. This unique countertop edge is made by taking two separate pieces of material and creating an angular edge at the corner. This allows you to have a seamless design that looks expensive, classic, and very chic.

10) Custom Edge

The countertop edges don’t stop there! Many people have a specific idea of what they want in mind. A quality contractor can help you create a custom edge to bring your idea to life. Whether you like the look of a raw piece of wood or want something highly specific, be sure to talk with your contractor to make sure your kitchen is exactly the way you want it.

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