When it comes to house projects, it sometimes feels like there is an endless to-do list. And sometimes, in planning out our endless projects, we can forget about areas of our home that make a huge impact.

One of the areas homeowners neglect? The staircase!

Let’s be honest: no matter what kind of house you live in, you can instantly tell what era it was constructed in by the design of the staircase. A staircase can be dating your home without you even realizing it. So, what’s to be done? Most people don’t want to pay to construct a brand-new set of stairs.

We’ve got great news. These days, there are endless ways to update your staircase without installing new stairs. Today, we’ll be giving you creative ideas to create a staircase remodel that:

  • Fits your budget 💵
  • Modernizes your home 🏡
  • Looks amazing ✨

Why You Should Consider a Staircase Remodel

What’s wrong with your staircase as is, anyway? It works just fine to get up and down between levels. Why not leave it alone?

Sure, you could do that. But there are some definite benefits that come with updating your staircase. Here are just a few of them:

improving home with staircase remodel and metal railing

  • Resale Value – Thinking about moving in the next few years? You are probably doing your best to make sure that you can get a good price for your home. An updated staircase can help increase your resale value for very little time and money.
  • Modernize Your Home – It’s hard when the structure of your home doesn’t match your style. Luckily, when it comes to your staircase, this problem is pretty easy to fix. A staircase makeover will help bring the overall feel of your home back into the modern age.
  • Fix a Safety Hazard – All of us have elements of our home that we avoid fixing because we are too busy. But if you have a loose stair railing, broken treads, or no handrails, you could be dealing with a safety hazard! A remodel gives you the perfect opportunity to help make your home safe again.
  • Have Fun! – Your home design shouldn’t just be based on functionality. You want a home that fills you with joy and makes you excited. As a low-commitment project, your staircase is a perfect place to exercise your personal style and make something creative.

10 Staircase Remodel Ideas

With so much inspiration out there, how can you possibly choose which staircase remodel idea is right for you? We’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite DIY staircase makeover ideas to help you create a home that you love.

1) Add a Runner

Looking for a simple trick to help add character and color to your stairway? Consider adding a runner!

A stair runner is a thin rug that is attached to your stair treads. It adds character and comfort without the hassle of investing in carpeted stairs. As a classic design choice, we like that you can create an antique feel with a runner or pick a more modern, sleek option.

2) Paint the Banister

Many older homes have wood banisters in warm, orange, or dark tones that simply don’t match modern aesthetics. The easiest way to fix this is with a coat of paint!

Homeowners generally gravitate towards painting wood white in order to create a clean look. However, we also love mixing white paint with the existing wood to create a two-tone staircase.

Like the look of the wood, but it just isn’t the shade you want? Try staining it. You’ll want to carefully sand your banister before applying a new coat of wood stain.

3) Colorful Risers

Remember how we mentioned that you could have fun with your stairs? This is exactly what we were talking about.

The stairs themselves have two main parts: the stair treads and the stair risers. The treads are the flat part that you step on, whereas the risers are the vertical parts that help your stairs, well…rise!

Many people focus on the treads when it comes to their staircase renovation, but we think that the risers can make just as much of an impact when you paint them! While you can certainly go with classic tones like creamy whites and cool grays, we love the look of brightly colored risers. This is a fun way to incorporate colors that you use in other areas of your home and transform your stairs into a standout part of your home!

4) Swap Out the Railings

Sometimes the stair railings themselves are what are aging our home. Adding new railings to the entire staircase can make a huge difference. This could be as simple as replacing the newel posts to a full revamp.

There are so many style options out there, from minimalist metal to intricate iron and classic wood.

5) Statement Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back and bigger than ever! We have to say that we are 100% here for it. Wallpaper can help define small areas of your home, add color and texture, and help you express your personal style.

We love the look of wallpaper above the staircase to create a separate area of your home. However, we’ve also seen crafty homeowners apply wallpaper to their stair risers for a unique look.

6) Faux Wood Treads

Sometimes only wood will do! However, when your stair treads don’t have the wood look you want, it can be expensive to fully replace them. Instead, try painting a wood grain design onto them! Follow this fantastic tutorial to create a rustic, homey feel.

7) Gallery Wall

It isn’t just the stairs themselves that help make a space feel cohesive. The area around your stairs is important too!

One of the best ways to create visual impact is to make a gallery wall above your staircase. This is an ideal place to feature family photos or maybe a collection of art pieces that you really love.

Not sure where to start? Focus on the frames. Picking frames that match your stairs or the railing can help you tie in the designs to your staircase.

8) Add Molding

Another way to help your staircase design feel intentional is to add molding to your walls. Batten and board, or even a simple chair rail, will help your home look better designed and add lots of interest.

9) Add Storage

In many houses, the space under the stairs is wasted. If the layout of your home allows for it, consider transforming this into a storage space. This could be in the form of closet space or even built-in shelving.

10) Create Seating

A tricky space to design is often the area at the bottom of the stairs. Usually, it isn’t used for any functional day-to-day tasks, but it sure is a lot of space to waste.

That’s why we love the idea of creating built-in seating against the side of your staircase. Not only will it give your guests a place to sit as they enter your home, but it will help the room look more pulled together.

How Much Does a Staircase Remodel Cost?

downward view of new wooden staircase remodel

The cost of a staircase makeover can vary widely. A simple DIY stair remodel involving a can of paint, and a few brushes can be completed for around $100! However, as you start getting into more construction-based work, you can expect that price to go up.

A smaller renovation will likely cost you around $700-$2000, depending on the size of your staircase. If you are wanting to fully renovate the existing layout of your staircase, plan on spending closer to $6000-$10,000.

DIY vs. Professional Remodeling

Staircase makeovers can easily be accomplished with a little DIY spirit and some elbow grease! However, if construction is involved, we recommend consulting with your local home remodeling company. After all, stairs need serious structural support in order to accommodate the weight of people climbing up and down them.

Get a Consultation

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