What is a Super Kitchen?

Recently, the term “Super Kitchens” has become popular in design articles. At first, it makes one think of an extra fancy kitchen design that you only see in architecture magazines. However, that’s not really what the term is referring to. It really refers to a much more homegrown kind of trend, which refers to how kitchens are being used by people these days.

For decades, kitchens in new homes have been “open” in concept. Typically having no wall between a family room, a dining room or both. But often the kitchens themselves still don’t reflect how well people use their kitchens. They remain hallways and circulation space, they lack social areas, and they have pinch points. Nearly every home I visit, the homeowners talk about issues that present themselves when family and friends inevitably gather in the kitchen.

What is a Super Kitchen and How to Design One

Key Elements to Super Kitchen Design

If you are interested in converting your kitchen into a far superior “super kitchen”, you will need to know the key design elements. In general, super kitchen design is based on optimal functionality and utility for the whole family. Now by utility, we don’t only mean for cooking. We are talking about creating a gathering space with plenty of seating, counter space, and of course room for cooking! Let’s break down the specific elements.

Easy Access to Technology

These days, homeowners are looking for places where their kids can sit and do their homework while parents are at work in the kitchen. Super kitchens often contain hidden outlets, USB charging locations, and places for laptops.

More Surfaces, Seating, & Storage

Entertaining is great and as families grow over the years it’s good to be able to have a place where you can gather. Super kitchens feature loads of seating, as well as surfaces to work on, and storage for all your kitchen tools.

sudbury kitchen design

Clean, Modern Layouts & Designs

New trends often found in super kitchens are clean lines and modern design trends. In many ways, super kitchens are similar to Scandinavian that embodies minimalism and functionality. Not only does it look modern, but every corner of space is used for something. You will also notice the open layout with plenty of space to roam. Often times you will see large islands for storage, seating, and extra counter space.

While super kitchen design typically feature more modern features, this does not mean you can’t have the design style you prefer. Remember, super kitchen design is really about embracing functionality and utility for the whole family.

Smart Appliances

No matter the appliance it can be optimized to run more efficiently and effectively. Many super kitchens incorporate only the best of the best with high rating efficiency. Not only do these smart appliances easy on the utility bill, but they are also great in terms of functionality and user experience. While this might sound silly at first, but not everyone knows how to run the dish washer. These smart features and easy to use interfaces make it easier to get everyone in the house hold to pull their weight.

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Start Designing Your Super Kitchen

Is the thought of a super kitchen in your home growing on you? If so, we love helping people create meaningful spaces that are a reflection of each individual lifestyle. We are going to say it again, a remodeled home done well enhances more than just the parts that are touched. It elevates the entire home and brings new life for years to come (not to mention increasing the value of your home). That’s just the key concept of great remodeling.

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