Wine has become one of America’s most popular recreational beverages, and with that many of us have become interested in storing and collecting wines. I’ve been buying and storing wine since the early 2000’s, and have also taken over 90 hours of live wine education courses, so this subject has interested me for a long time. This January, before the world changed for all of us, I had the pleasure to attend the NKBA and NAHB trade show in Las Vegas. While there I came across a product I thought very worthy of representing and including in our offerings to our clients: Kessick Wine Storage Systems. Kessick is an outstanding producer of premium wine storage cabinetry and I am proud to announce that we are now a dealer for this fine, high end product that is in keeping with our own values of quality, design and the enjoyment of our hobbies!

Our homes, not unlike the things we choose to wear and the cars we choose to drive, have become places to display, our values, our hobbies and interests and to enjoy them, not more than ever with our close friends and family. Wine “cellars” have become something that we can bring up into our primary living space to enjoy the sight of, like book collection used to do, or other kinds of collectibles. I love these ideas of how to integrate beautiful design and wine collections into living spaces:

If wine is a passion in your life, or indeed, if you have any passion you yearn to integrate into your living space, give us a call to discuss how to that today! We are passionate about design and remodeling and working with our clients to enhance our enjoyment of “home”.

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