remodeling living roomYour living room is where you do most of your—well, living. As you prepare to tackle your remodeling project, it’s important to invest in updates that will have the most lasting impact on a space. You want to make changes that not only increase the room’s aesthetic appeal but also make the room more enjoyable—and livable.



Builder-grade fixtures are okay, but lighting can truly make or break the functionality and look of a room. Given that a living room can be used for anything from reading a book or playing a game to enjoying a glass of wine or watching the latest blockbuster, it would be helpful to have a variety of lighting options to choose from. Work with your remodeling partner to develop a lighting plan for your room. Regardless of the styles and fixtures you choose, your room should include ambient (general), atmosphere (mood), and task (focused) lighting.



Give your room dimension with some added architectural detail. You can achieve this depth to your design through wall paneling, trim, or crown molding. If you’re looking for more functional architectural detail, consider adding built-in storage or bookshelves. Any of these design elements will create a custom look and add flair to your space.



Remodeling is the perfect time to evaluate the flow of the room and make any necessary adjustments. Is there an awkward doorway in the layout? Does the closet jut out too far into the room? Use the remodel to adjust the layout to better serve your needs. You’ll be glad you took the time to make your home more functional.



Another way to improve your living room is to add more natural light. There are several ways to do so, but you’ll have to work with your remodeling partner to assess which option is best for you. To add natural light to your living room, use any of the following features (or a combination):

  • Added windows
  • Bay window
  • Solar tube
  • Skylight
  • French door
  • Sliding glass door



One of the largest surfaces in your living room, the floor is a simple yet major element to update. Work with your remodeling partner to find the right flooring material for your space. If you have an open concept home, you may also consider taking this update to other areas of the house. Doing so will instantly elevate your home’s interior and provide a clean, cohesive look.


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