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Thinking about remodeling your home?

Additions and renovations can wonderfully transform the way an entire part of a home works, feels, and looks, or they can just sit there looking conspicuous and clunky. A great remodeling project blends with the existing home and subtly enhances the whole. Of course there are instances where rules and guidelines can be strayed from, but for the most part these are sensible ideas to keep in mind.

Sensible Ideas for Home Remodeling

Everyone loves the stage of home remodeling where you scroll through Pinterest and visit model homes for inspiration. While this is fun and all, we would like to focus a little more on the larger conceptual ideas of remodeling your home. This includes the planning, flow, and long term ideation of your home. Taking the time to consider not only what colors and styles you want to implement, but how your home will flow and grow with your family overtime is what turns a quick renovation to a quality remodel that you will love.

Planning Your Home Remodel

Unless you plan on working on every part of your home, typically you’d want to break your remodel into smaller chunks while keeping with many parts of your existing home. When doing this, you will want to consider what aspects you would like to be consistent throughout your home. This could include colors, textures, or the quality of materials i.e. whether the existing home has oak wood floors — it’s tough to add faux wood laminate floors next to the real thing.

Other examples of elements to keep consistent throughout the house are interior and exterior details like roof eave and trim and if most rooms have existing crown molding. Perhaps most importantly is a sense of blending scale and proportion. If your home is a modest cape for instance you don’t want to add overwhelming geometry from the street that obscures the original intent. Or on the interior have a huge cavernous cathedral space that doesn’t flow with other spaces. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a larger more spacious room, it just means it needs to be sensitively approached.

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Let Your Home and Ideas Flow

One thing to change that really does transform a home is “flow”. That might sound like a fancy word, but many older homes, even newer homes built by developers just don’t function very well. There can be paths of circulation through kitchens that are dysfunctional and make it difficult to cook in or rooms with too many doors that it makes arranging furniture very difficult. This concept is extremely important during the idea phase because looks are one thing, but overall design will elevate your style to the premium quality you want out of your remodel. A well designed home is ergonomically correct, maximizing how the space works and flows will result in the home feeling larger and more comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Light

Masterful lighting and design can create magic in your space – whether it is from lighting design or from getting the most from available natural light. The use of light and lights is an important element that can enhance the perception of a home. More light and a sense of space outside will also make a home feel larger.

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Plan Your Remodel for Growth

Combining these two elements with any rearranged or new space takes some skill. Many times the actual way a family is going to use and grow with a space isn’t considered. What happens when three young kids grow into teenagers for example? Done well, a remodeled home enhances more than just the parts that are touched. Good architecture really does achieve this; adjacent spaces can benefit from what has been remodeled. Successful additions and renovations take know how and professional experience to be sensitively accomplished, for the right questions to be asked and answered.

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Finding a quality contractor to help with your renovation or addition makes a world of a difference. We love helping people create meaningful spaces that are a reflection of each individual lifestyle. While starting a remodel can be a large undertaking, a quality remodeled home done will enhance the day to day life of you and your family for years to come. If you would like to learn more about how TBA can help with your home renovation projects, call or contact us today! We would love to help!

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