A home addition can be an effective way to solve a number of problems you may be facing with your current floorplan. The challenge with an addition is designing it to complement your existing home design. While it will take some planning, the finished product will make you forget how your home even looked before! Here’s how to add an addition to your home that is sure to impress.

Adding a New Edition to Your Home

Are you looking to expand the square footage of your home with an addition? As a homeowner, it can be overwhelming to consider the possibilities and amass enough information on the process. With careful planning and an experienced team, however, adding an addition to your home can be easier than you think! Read on to learn our tips for how you can seamlessly add an addition onto your home and enjoy all of the extra space it provides in no time.


No matter how good the inside of your addition looks, if it doesn’t coordinate with the exterior of your home, you’ll hate it! The goal with an addition is for it to seem like a part of the original home. If the exterior design elements don’t coordinate, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Work with a trustworthy remodeling company to ensure that the new addition looks like a purposeful part of the original blueprint, not a haphazard afterthought.

What We Mean By This:

  1. Additions that don’t coordinate with the exterior of your home are generally not pleasing and cause an “off balance” look to your home.
  2. Be sure you are working with a trustworthy remodeling company to ensure that the new addition looks like a purposeful part of the original blueprint – not a last second idea.
  3. The main goal with an addition is for it to seem like a part of the original home – not an awkward appendage.
  4. Coordinating exterior design elements is essential for a seamless, aesthetically pleasing addition.


Flooring is a practical way to help an addition flow seamlessly into the rest of your home. This is particularly important if your addition isn’t its own room (if you’re making an existing space larger). What’s more, the height of your flooring should also flow evenly into the surrounding areas. This will help to create a cohesive floor plan and seamlessly incorporate the new space into the old.


how to add an addition to your home cutting flooring


If the homes in your neighborhood all have a similar architectural style, try to mimic those design elements with your addition. You certainly don’t want to be known as the home on the block with the awkward add-on that everyone and their mother points out. Take a walk around your neighborhood to stir up some inspiration. If you have other neighbors who have added onto their homes, discuss some of the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Remember, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel!

Why Would I Want To Do This?

  1. A well designed and fitting addition to your neighborhood can add value to your home
  2. Matching the style of your neighborhood will only help it to look more cohesive
  3. Boosts curb appeal
  4. Ensures the new addition looks like a purposeful part of the original blueprint


If you approach any major home project without a plan, it’s destined to fail. This is especially true for an addition! Carefully consider your addition. What do you plan to accomplish with it? How have you planned out the coordinating design elements? What steps have you taken to ensure it flows with the rest of your home? If you haven’t considered any of the above, you’re not ready to move forward with your addition quite yet.


how to add an addition to your home couple planning


Planning and executing an additional housing to your home can present a great challenge which is why working with a design-build professional is a beneficial approach. They are experienced and have expertise when it comes to crafting projects that match the entirety of your property. Working alongside an experienced remodeling company, you won’t find yourself taking on all of the responsibility that the remodeling process might bring. Instead, you will have mastery workmanship right alongside you, aiding in depicting your desired vision into reality and ensuring that everything comes together just how you envisioned it in the end.

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