Open concept kitchen ideas are all the rage right now — and for good reason. Not only do they eliminate barriers between the kitchen and other major living spaces, but they make entertaining guests and socializing with family while cooking up meals more accessible. Not to mention more enjoyable.

  • Open kitchens also have a way of boosting functionality, starting with a central and spacious island that can serve as an eat-in counter as well as offer space for washing, chopping, kneading, and more.
  • Many even extend that functionality to storage, with islands equipped with cabinets, wine racks, and even shelving for fruits, vegetables, or cookware.
  • Open kitchen designs don’t stop at the island, either. They also typically feature large double-door refrigerators, double ovens, and other fun appliances.

These open kitchen spaces are typically designed using minimalist principles with the goal of reducing clutter and providing smarter storage solutions. This is important considering that open kitchens flow into the other surrounding living spaces, so there needs to not only be a cohesive design that agrees with those living spaces, but the storage needs to be strategically maximized to keep the open concept open.

However, don’t let that fool you into thinking your creative options are limited with an open concept kitchen. In fact, we’ve compiled an entire list of open concept kitchen ideas to get you started on your upcoming kitchen renovation project.

9 Awesome Open Concept Kitchen Ideas For Your Home:

1. Get Ultra-Minimalist With Secret Storage

To make an already modern kitchen design concept more modern and a small home even more spacious, incorporating an integrated storage system will get the job done. Integrated storage refers to the most minimalist of designs, with essentially all storage — cabinets, shelving, etc — completely hidden for a more practical and clean look.

This idea also conceals major appliances in a way that allows them to blend in and become one with the island and backsplash. This allows decorative elements, such as portraits or other items, to pop.

2. Go With a Bright White Aesthetic

all white open concept kitchen with light wood accents

This design idea is especially beneficial for smaller kitchen spaces as having bright, all-white sides and surfaces allow light to reflect better. Ample light, whether it’s natural light or lighting fixtures, can really open up your space and make it appear larger than it is.

For this design idea, you can keep appliances from sticking out by keeping them enclosed in cabinets. You can also opt for accent colors around your open kitchen if you’d like to break up the bright white a bit.

3. Install a Flashy Range

Whether you’re looking to break up the bright white aesthetic or are going with a more muted or neutral color scheme, throwing in a colorful range can help break up any monotony.

For example, a rich and deep blue range can really liven up more neutral tones. Or you can use a color that matches any accent colors you choose to use for other spaces adjacent to the kitchen.

4. Add a Bold Island

Much like the flashy range idea, making the kitchen island the centerpiece of your space can really make a statement. When we say bold, we don’t just mean the color either — we’re also talking about the size.

open concept kitchen with a bold granite island and good lighting

A large and richly colored island provides a central area for cooking and casual dining — and let’s not forget about all the storage possibilities. Bold islands tend to work best for bigger spaces, especially since having your appliances out in the open (as opposed to the minimalist style) complements the rest of the space surrounding the island.

5. Use Combination Lighting

Don’t just settle for track lighting — set aside enough money in your kitchen remodel budget to consider what combination lighting can do for your space. For example, combining recessed lighting with both task and decorative lighting can bring you both functionality and ambiance whenever you need it.

This lighting combination also allows you to get more creative with different fixtures that can really dress up a more straightforward open-concept remodel. Combination lighting is especially complementary to frosted glass cabinets as they add to the reflective surfaces and contribute to the ambiance.

6. Add Dimension With a Two-Tone Open Kitchen

With most kitchen remodels falling back on white and more neutral tones, you can add some depth by opting for a two-tone color scheme. The trick, however, is to use a darker color on the bottom (the island and lower cabinets) and a light color on the top (the surfaces and upper cabinets).

7. Get Industrial-Inspired

You can achieve the industrial look by simply using a monochromatic color scheme and stainless steel appliances. This open-concept design plays well when it comes to your kitchen and living room flow, as long as they incorporate clean lines.

open concept kitchen using a black industrial style with wooden accents

You can also play around with the industrial look by incorporating wooden countertops and leather seats for your kitchen island. Or, you can continue with concrete for a more minimalist appeal.

8. Get Creative With Your Island

We already talked about a bold island, being big and colorful and the focal point of your kitchen. Now we’re going to talk about how you can get creative and play around with the island’s shape.

For example, you can opt for an extra L-shaped island that can double as a breakfast nook by adding a bench with a cushion and a rectangular dining table on the inside. You can also add a few bar stools to the other end for more casual family living. This works especially well if you don’t have the space for a dining room or want to use that space for something else.

9. Incorporate a Statement-Making Backsplash

You can’t go wrong with a fun backsplash. Whether it’s being used as a focal point to break up a single tile or marble backsplash, don’t be afraid to get creative here and make a visual statement.

For example, Moroccan style or even mosaic tiles can add a pop of visual interest that ties your kitchen together with a unique design element.

Work With the Kitchen Remodel Experts!

It’s important to remember that open-concept kitchens are where space meets functionality. Therefore, you want to consider all of your potential design elements on top of how you use your kitchen and more. We can help you with all of that.

Contact Thomas Buckborough & Associates today to let our professional and experienced contractors walk you through all the steps of the kitchen renovation process and help you build your dream kitchen. After all, you’re not just building a home — you’re building a life.