As a homeowner, you likely know how important a good kitchen is. The kitchen gets more traffic than almost any other room in your home. It’s where you prepare meals, eat, and gather as a family.

If your kitchen is outdated, you may subconsciously (or consciously) avoid spending time in it. This could lead to you:

  • Wasting food
  • Eating out more
  • Spending extra money

The solution is obvious. It’s time for a kitchen refresh! However, if the idea of a kitchen remodel has you feeling more reluctant to venture into the space than ever, don’t worry! You don’t need to pull out your sledgehammer quite yet. There are all sorts of simple design hacks you can do to make your space feel brand new with minimal strain on your time and wallet.

If you’re looking to make a huge difference but aren’t up for a remodel, the best place to make an impact is through your shelving. Looking for some fresh ideas? No need to pull up “shelf ideas for kitchen” on Pinterest. We’ve got all the latest shelving trends and ideas right here!

Why You Should Update Your Shelves

We know what you are thinking. “Shelves? Really?”

Yes, really! Shelves can make a huge difference in your space. How so? Here are just a few of the benefits.

remodeling kitchen with stylish shelves

  • Create a Clear Aesthetic – Shelves allow you to lean into and define your aesthetic. From the style of the shelf itself to the way you style it, you can help make sure that your kitchen expresses your style right away.
  • Extra Storage Space – One of the most practical benefits of adding extra storage to your home is that it provides you with extra space to store your various kitchen items. This can stop your cabinets from feeling overly cluttered or allow you to create an open pantry system.
  • Open Up the Space For most people, upper cabinets are still the go-to storage choice for their kitchens. And while cupboards are very functional, they also can make a small kitchen feel closed off and claustrophobic. If you are interested in making your small room feel more open, shelves can be a great alternative.
  • Display Your Cookware – Many homeowners collect beautiful dishes and serving platters that hardly ever see the light of day. When you add shelving, not only are you creating a space where those pieces can be stored, but you are also making them a decorative feature in your home.

10 Kitchen Shelving Ideas for Your Home

Have we convinced you yet? If you are still unsure, check out these amazing kitchen shelving ideas to make your space feel good as new.

1) Open Shelves

One of the most popular shelving trends over the past decade has been open shelving. Instead of relying on a shelving unit, homeowners use brackets to create freestanding shelves that feel open and timeless.

2) Open Pantry

One of our absolute favorite shelf design ideas is to create an open pantry using shelves. Not only is this a beautiful way to store pantry staples such as flour, sugar, and dried beans, but it is also hugely convenient. With open pantry shelves, you no longer need to go rummaging through your existing pantry to find ingredients. Instead, simply reach toward the shelves right next to you.

For a beautiful open pantry, we recommend investing in matching glass bottles or jars that you can store things in. You can also find beautiful, customizable labels in places such as Etsy!

3) Revamp Cabinets

shelves in open cabinet to maximize kitchen space

Not really the handy type? With this shelf hack, you don’t need to be! You can create gorgeous and effective shelves with nothing more than a screwdriver. How, you ask? By using your existing upper cabinets!

By removing the doors of your cabinets, you’ll find that you have built-in shelves that can be used to display anything you like!

4) Brackets vs. No Brackets

When it comes to choosing your open shelves, you have a couple of options. If you want to create a modern rustic kitchen, the obvious choice is to invest in brackets!

Brackets can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and styles, so it is easy to find one that suits your taste. However, if you want to create a more modern look, consider turning your oven shelves into floating shelves. These can be created by purchasing special hidden brackets that screw into the back of your shelves.

5) Shelf Material

The material you use to make your shelves themselves can have a huge effect on the overall feel of your kitchen. Wood shelves are by far the most popular choice, especially for open shelving. Even within that, though, you have options. Personally, we love the look of using reclaimed wood for your shelves to add texture and interest. However, you can get shelves in all sorts of materials, including glass, metal, and vinyl.

6) Wallpaper Backdrop

Want to turn your shelves into a statement piece? Go bold with a fun wallpaper backdrop. Wallpaper can be purchased in any color and pattern under the sun these days. And with peel-and-stick options widely available, switching up your style is as easy as applying a sticker!

7) Stand Alone Shelf

kitchen shelves built using recycled materials

Want to add a shelf but aren’t sure if you have the wall space? Try adding in a stand-alone shelf. You can buy decorative pieces like this almost anywhere, from Ikea to Amazon, or even vintage thrifted pieces!

8) Upcycled Pieces

Speaking of vintage pieces, consider upcycling vintage items to create kitchen shelving. Things like stand-alone cabinets, vintage dishracks, or curio cabinets can all make fun and interesting additions to your kitchen.

9) Glass Cabinets

Like the idea of displaying your items via shelves but aren’t ready to fully commit? Adding glass cabinet doors is a nice, happy medium. This gives you the visual effect of shelves while keeping your dishes free of things like dust.

10) Use Hooks

One of our favorite design hacks is to add hooks to the bottom of your open shelves. You can then hang anything from mugs to cooking utensils or even cookware. We love the warmth that copper accents can give when displaying things like vintage copper pans and molds.

Work With a Design Team

Ready to add some kitchen shelves to your space? You don’t have to go it alone. At Thomas Buckborough and Associates, we have over thirty years of design experience to help support you as you refresh your kitchen space. Want to know more? Contact us today to set up your in-person or virtual consultation!