Is there anything better than decorating your home? Seriously. There is something so satisfying about finding the perfect place for your favorite vintage wingback chair or the gigantic potted plant you’ve been diligently growing for years. Making a space feel uniquely you is one of the best parts about being a homeowner.

However, all homes come with quirks. You know what we are talking about. Those unique nooks and crannies in your house that you don’t really know what to do with. One of the most challenging spots for novice homeowners to decorate? A wall niche.

We’ve got you covered, though. In this post, we will teach you:

  • How to identify a wall niche 🔍
  • How to style it ✨
  • When to ask for help 🙋

If you’re looking for some amazing wall niche ideas, keep reading!

What Is a Wall Niche?

A wall niche is a unique architectural feature that highlights a corner by building a small boxed-in area. There are all sorts of different types of wall niche styles, but they all have something in common: homeowners struggle to figure out what to do with them. Whether your wall niche presents as an awkward corner of the room or a recessed wall niche, it can be hard to think of how to properly highlight the area.

However, when you start thinking of the wall niche as a fun challenge instead of an impossible area, you’ll be amazed at the different ways you can make this space a stand-out area of your home.

12 Wall Niche Decor Ideas

If you are looking for wall niche ideas that help to take your home to the next level, we have the solutions you’ve been looking for. Here are some of our favorite wall niche ideas to take your space from “blah” to “wow!”

1) Build Shelves 🔨

newly-installed shelves in remodeled home

One of the most popular solutions to a wall niche is to add shelving to the area! This idea works for both a recessed wall niche, as well as larger interior niches.

Shelves are a great way to make your wall niche a storage space that doesn’t compromise on style. After you add shelves, we recommend taking some time to select pieces such as

  • Books
  • Plants
  • Knick-knacks
  • Vases
  • Family photos

2) Statement Paint Color 🎨

Looking for a fun transformation that won’t break the bank? All you need is a can of paint.

Because a wall niche naturally stands out in a room, it only makes sense to use this as an opportunity to create a focal point. One of the easiest ways to do this is to paint it a different color from the rest of the room. We love this as a solution because it is very DIY-er friendly and works for all sorts of niches, including a curved wall niche or a recessed niche.

However, if you decide to go the paint route, we recommend going big or going home. Picking a neutral shade that is just a little darker than the rest of your walls will just create an awkward dissonance in the room. A bold shade will feel more intentional.

3) Add Wallpaper ⭐

Want even more of a statement for your walls? Wallpaper might be just what you are looking for.

Similarly to paint, wallpaper can create a clear focal point for an entire room. However, wallpaper can add character, movement, and texture in a way that paint alone does not do. Our favorite way to use wallpaper is to include it in a recessed wall niche before layering books and other accessories in front of it.

4) Display a Collection 🕶️

niche ideas to add plants for wall space

A wall niche is a prime opportunity to display a collection that you’ve been putting together. We love using the blank wall of a niche to hang vintage plates, baskets, needlepoint pieces, or textile art.

5) Gallery Wall 🖼️

A wall niche is a perfect place to create a stunning gallery wall. The isolated space in wall niches helps make your art stand out, while the art will help define the space.

6) Use Wood Paneling 🪵

Decorating the back wall of wall niches helps highlight the shape of the space and isolates it from the rest of the room. We love the idea of using wood paneling or shiplap to create a natural, neutral backdrop for your wall niche.

7) Create a Reading Nook 📚

What better way to make use of a small space than to create a reading nook in your wall niche? A reading nook could combine several of our previously mentioned ideas, such as using paint and shelving. However, for a true reading nook, we recommend installing a built-in bench with plenty of cozy cushions. This could also double as storage space if you built a hidden trunk into the bench.

8) Hang the TV 📺

A modern living room space is often designed around a television. However, if you have an older home, you may find that there isn’t a logical place for you to hang your TV. A wall niche may be the solution you are looking for. Whether it is a recessed wall niche, or something else, using it as storage space for your television can help you decide how to orient your furniture.

9) Add a Statement Furniture Piece 🪑

Help define your wall niche space by adding in a statement piece of furniture. This could be anything from an antique cabinet to a chaise lounge. Adding in a single piece of furniture can help weird corners of your home feel like a more cohesive part of the living space.

10) Store Kids Toys 🧸

family creates niche wall shelving to store childrens toys

Every parent knows the constant headache that is finding storage space for the endless toys children seem to collect. A recessed wall niche could be just what you need. Making use of this space can help to give it purpose.

11) Hang Instruments 🎷

If you are musically inclined, there’s no need to keep your instruments hidden away in cases. Instead, put them on full display in your wall niche. You can use instrument hooks to turn them into decorations while giving yourself easier access.

12) Create a Plant Wall 🪴

If there’s one thing we love, it is adding greenery to liven up a room. If you want to highlight a recessed wall niche, we love adding tons of potted plants.

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