You’ve finally moved into a bigger house that has all the space you need. You’ve needed the space for a while – but suddenly you realize you may not have a use for all your new space yet! This is where you get to put your extra room ideas to work.

If you’re dreaming of your new home-to-be, this post can be inspiring for when you do finally have the extra space you want so badly.

While we aren’t advocates of buying things just to fill space, there are some fun things you can do with an extra room. Filling out extra rooms can make your home more functional, more enjoyable to live in, and actually make you more effective.

Everything from an at-home gym, to a reading nook, can turn empty space into a fun and usable space. Who knows, it could even save you money down the road by not having to use a gym membership. Everyone has at least one room that they’d love to be able to use more. Here are seven extra room ideas for getting more out of your home!

1. Attic Turned Bedroom or Suite Retreat

Extra Room Ideas attic

If you have a home with an attic that’s only being used for storage, you’ve been missing out. For homeowners who want to offer guests a place to stay, turning your attic into a guestroom is a smart move. If you don’t think you’d use the space for guests, you could instead turn it into a suite retreat—a spacious and secluded room to get away from the rush and busyness of life.

One hurdle many homeowners need to overcome in this process is the current state of their attic. Generally, attics are grimy, poorly ventilated, and used primarily for storage. Point is, modifying your attic into usable space isn’t always the easiest task. That being said, you can actually make your home feel bigger by turning your attic into a welcoming space. On top of that, it can add value to your home if done properly. We always recommend assessing your ability to tackle such a project, and welcome professional help if need be.

2. Home Office

Extra Room Ideas office

Most of the homes that are built today include home offices. However, older homes tend to not have home offices included in their layout. Sure, you can open your laptop at the kitchen table, but how much better is it when you are in a designated area to get work done, pay bills, or do your online shopping. A home office with storage for your books, files and records, and other similar items is a great addition to any home.

Many different rooms convert to offices well, but one of the most popular is the extra bedroom. Extra bedrooms work well as office spaces because of the natural light and the blank slate that they offer. A mudroom or extra counter space in the kitchen can also be turned into a great spot for an office desk. While both of these spaces aren’t as secluded as a second bedroom, they are still great for getting your work in and having a place to work on your laptop.

3. Finished Basement Family Room

Extra Room Ideas basement

Of all the rooms in a house, the basement is notorious for being unfinished and left to collect boxes on the concrete floor. There are several ways that you can turn a lackluster, unfinished basement into something special. One of our favorites is as a family room or living room. If your basement is completely unfinished, then you’ll have a lot of work to do. From sheetrocking the walls to laying flooring, the task may seem daunting. Don’t let that stop you from utilizing this unused space. There’s always the option of calling a contractor like TB&A to help you reimagine your basement!

After the project is finished, apply a nice neutral color paint and get a sofa set. All you’ll need to do is finish up with some simple decorations, and your new room will be ready to enjoy. Who wouldn’t like another family room to enjoy evenings at home?

4. Basement Guest Room

Extra Room Ideas bedroom

Many basements would work well as guest bedrooms too. While a basement guest bedroom might not be your first thought, it does offer a great place for guests to have to themselves. The advantage of putting a guest room in the basement is that it’s more separate from the rest of the home. It allows guests to enjoy some privacy during their stay

Another huge benefit to having a guestroom in the basement of your home is it allows you to go about your routine without worrying about bothering your guest. If need be they can work down there, or sleep in, and you won’t have to worry about disturbing them. This is usually not the case in a same-level bedroom – especially if the room is adjacent to the master bedroom.

5. Home Gym

Extra Room Ideas Workout

Another spare room option is the home gym. Some individuals enjoy physically going to a gym outside of their home, but others need to be able to walk down the stairs to a home gym to feel motivated. A home gym is easy to get started. All you need is some rubber mats, a few wall mirrors, and some weights and workout benches. Here are some pictures of home gyms to help you feel more inspired!

Another cool advantage of adding a home gym is you can actually save money if you are already paying for a gym membership. You won’t be able to use the excuse of not working out because you didn’t want to drive to the gym!

6. Creative Room

Extra Room Ideas creative

This is one of our favorite ideas for an extra room: make it a creative/hobby room! Like music? Make your musical instruments easily accessible by hanging them on the wall. Like painting or drawing? Build out the room in a way that inspires creativity. Often one of the biggest barriers to creativity is just setting the time aside to exercise your creative strengths.

The beauty of having a creative room is it can look however you want it to. Build out the space that is most practical for your hobby or creative practice. Get excited to think outside the box on this one.

7. Create a Reading Nook

Extra Room Ideas Reading

Corners can be one of the hardest places in a home to know what to do with. It’s never a great idea to put too much in a corner from a design perspective, but designating a corner space as a reading nook might be just what your home needs. Reading nooks are also relatively simple to create. All you’ll need is a well-lit corner, preferably one near windows, your favorite chair or sofa, and some plants or decorations. If you want to take your reading nook to the next level, you can include a bookshelf or other things that you might find in a library.

Are you interested in re-working some extra rooms in your house? We love when homeowners come to us with ideas on how to innovate and recreate their extra space. There are so many things you can do with a spare room besides just using it for storage. Extra space in a home is valuable, and you should make the most of it! Thomas Buckborough & Associates is an award-winning interior designer. You can be sure that we’ll make the most of your extra space. Reach out to us today to get your project started!