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There are a lot of popular kitchen layout ideas emerging in 2023, but don’t feel like you need to do a complete overhaul to have a welcoming kitchen. If you do want to do a kitchen remodel, TBA Designs would be more than happy to assist you in helping your dream kitchen come to life!

For the most part, an inviting kitchen layout consists of the same key elements: Light, Space & Color.

However, in this post, we are going to cover some of this year’s top kitchen layout ideas, with pictures included! 🙂

7 Great Kitchen Layout Ideas For 2023

1. The Classic Kitchen Layout: Warm Wood + Open Area

well lit kitchen layout ideas with wooden accents all around

One of the more unique features is that the stovetop is separate from the ovens. This was a great feature that offered additional oven space and extra storage space under the gas stovetop. The fridge in this kitchen is just outside of the frame on this picture directly across from the sink.

For some, having the fridge further from the oven and stovetop might be seen as an inconvenience. But, for some, it was seen as the best way to use their space. This is a great example of how to leverage a kitchen layout in your favor.

2. The Condensed Kitchen Layout: Alcove Style With Good Light

clean white kitchen alcove is a great kitchen layout idea

This kitchen is smaller, but a small kitchen isn’t always a bad thing. A smaller kitchen just means you need to incorporate natural light to make it feel more spacious. If you are stuck with a small kitchen, don’t give up hope. There’s a lot you can do to make the space more functional and feel bigger.

3. Classic Farmhouse Layout: Natural Light + Space

classic farmhouse kitchen layout with wood accents and natural light shining in

There’s a lot to like about a classic farmhouse kitchen. For one it doesn’t always require a full-on remodel which is great for those on a budget, or for those looking to restore an old home. Second, it really is a timeless style – it’s hot for 2023 and we don’t expect it to go out of style any time soon. If you aren’t big on remodels, this kitchen layout could be perfect for you.

4. Natural Light + Rounded Wall Layout

rounded kitchen wall with natural light streaming in makes a great welcoming kitchen layout

This kitchen is incredibly unique. The countertops are actually rounded to match a rounded exterior wall. It creates a beautiful kitchen space with tons of natural light from all of the windows throughout. We also love the way that the kitchen island can be used as a shelf for cookbooks. This kitchen offers a classic layout in a unique space.

5. The Kitchen + Dining Area Layout

modern dining space with an open kitchen layout

A dining table in the center offers a place for a family to gather for a meal or kids to work on homework while parents are preparing dinner or doing dishes. The possibilities of how you could use this space are endless, its almost a super kitchen. For example, if you want to move the table out, you could eventually add a rolling island to use as more countertop space.

6. Spacious Counter Layout + Wood Accents

spacious counter tops and an open kitchen space leaves room for many people to gather!

An uncommon seating area and beautiful wood accents on the cabinets can really make a kitchen pop. We love the way all of the different wood elements and tones came together, and the amount of countertop space that was made available by including a seating area. While most homeowners would think to have a lower seating area like this included in their kitchen counter space, it does offer a great contrast to the traditional bar top style seating.

7. The Spacious, Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Layout

open, modern farmhouse style kitchen layout

This kitchen turned into a truly stunning room. There’s tons of storage for all of the cooking supplies that you’d need and plenty of countertop space for meal prep and seating. Our favorite part is the booth-style seating area that was included in the corner of the kitchen.

Looking To Build Your Dream Kitchen Layout?

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